Self-build begins here

Steenvlinder is the specialist in self-build. Your wishes and dreams come first. From our own experience we know that self-build can be quite an adventure. We believe in the strengh of people, so follow your instinct and decide what feels good for you. You can do more than you think! We see individuals grow and that motivates us.



What do we do?

Steenvlinder aims to motivate the individual to build their own home. We offer a simple and realistic self-build scheme that supports the self builder. We want to open the property market to everybody, so they can create the home of their dreams. To make this possible, we work together with muncipalities, real-estate owners. We make a realistic plan, propose a competitive offer and tell about the benefits of self-build. Together we build success!


Develop at our risk

Steenvlinder makes self-build possible on plots and construction compounds by buying sites. Therefore any risks that come with the site are ours.

Community building

Steenvlinder aims to create an attractive, green, urban residential environment where people come together. We connect our buyers from start untill realisation.  


Steenvlinder's projects are sustainable and socially-oriented in several ways. We search for green solutions, therefore all our projects are realized without gas.

Kim's experience with self-build

The key to self-build is to simplify

The self-build scheme of Steenvlinder simplifies the process which, for example, makes it easier for self-builders to secure their planning permission. It is designed to boost the number of self built homes, waiving some planning restrictions if the builders agree to certain building conditions (design or material obligations).

Clear process, simple rules

Our self-build scheme simplifies the proces for self-builders. The plots are parcelled out, the buyers are given a few guidelines over things such as height, but after that it is left to the imagination of the individual.


Steenvlinder connects all relevant parties, such as municipalities, architects and sustainibility-experts. We also involve the neighbourhood in the preparation of our plans.


In all the things we do one thing stands out for Steenvlinder: we want to give people maximum freedom so they can be the directors of their own lifes. We want to make self-build available for everyone.


Experience with self-build

The main impediment to the Dutch self-build market is the shortage of building plots available to the self-builder. In theory, all property can be made suitable for self-build. 


In 2015 Steenvlinder was founded by former Elderman of The Hague, Marnix Norder and former self-build manager at the Municipality of The Hague, Hans Sparreboom, to remedy this situation by acquiring plots and old buildings for.


Our projects

Meesterproef, Vlaardingen

Nijverheid Leiden

Birckhoeve, Rijswijk

De Vrije Wilg,


Mijn Eigen Wiericke,


Metamorfose Rijswijk


Oosteinde 237

2271 EG Voorburg

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